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Drug Detection Services


North Sea Oil & Gas Installation


Sirius Security (UK) Ltd currently provides dogs to the North Sea Oil & Gas Industry both on and offshore with relation to Drug Detection Searches.


Our highly trained dogs routinely inspect containers and equipment that are shipped to oil and gas installations out in the North Sea.


The dogs can detect drugs amongst a wide variety of substances including food, industrial cleaning materials and machinery.


Sirius Security (UK) Ltd routinely service containers in excess of 200 at a time.

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Drugs in the Workplace


Are you aware?


The incidence of drug misuse in the community can adversely affect your business. These are facts, not opinions, and you have a legal responsibility to react…!


It can influence your ability to attract competent local labour. Drugs can affect the misusers themselves, where they work, their co-workers and customers. Your Group and Colleagues’ safety can be compromised. The drug user/supplier could be hiding their supply of drugs in your workplace.


There are NO stereotypical misusers, they are as likely to be found in the boardroom as on the shop floor, in the office or in the sales force.


It is estimated that in the UK, 35% of people under the age of 40 have experimented with drugs and 25% of these are in employment. There can be few workplaces without some employee who uses illegal drugs.


Drugs affect cognitive and psycho-motor skills. Anyone under the direct influence of illegal drugs or suffering from withdrawal symptoms can place themselves and others at risk.


Misuse of Drugs Act 1971


Owners or Managers of property may be liable if they allow their property/premises to be used for the taking, supplying or offering to supply controlled drugs albeit unwittingly.



Health and Safety at Work Act 1974


This places an obligation on employers to take reasonable care for the health and safety of their workers and the health and safety of the general public who may be affected by work activities.



Management of Health and Safety at Work Regs. 1992


Regulation 3 – Risk assessment.


Every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to health and safety of his employees while they are at work.



Common Law


Employers can be held at Common Law for negligence if anyone suffers personal injuries (either another employee or member of the public or visitor) as a result of activities or missions of an employee with a drug or drink problem.

Sirius Security (UK) Ltd can help you and your Company by:


  • Providing a regular Drug Detection Dog search/sweep of your premises either pro-actively or clandestinely.
  • Giving your Human Resources/Security Staff training and information on Drug Detection.


Sirius Security (UK) Ltd is wholly owned and managed by an Ex-Grampian Police Dog Sergeant with over 30 years’ experience in Dog Handling and Training skills.


If you feel there might be anything that you would like to discuss further then please do not hesitate to contact me at any of the phone numbers or e-mail mentioned below. All information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Who We Work With:


Sirius Security Ltd. has worked with a variety of high profile clients overseas and in the UK, including Oil companies and offshore service companies.


  • CHC Scotia Heliport Aberdeen
  • Babcock International Heliports Terminal 1 & Terminal 2. Aberdeen

Our Clients Include:


  • Chrysaor
  • Equinor
  • BP UK
  • EnQuest UK
  • Nexen Oil
  • Total UK

Contact us to discuss our services or to arrange a consultation: