Specialist Canine
Training & Consultancy

Security has always been a serious matter for companies and individuals alike and nobody understands this more than the professionals at Sirius Security (UK) Ltd. Recent and current world events have strengthened the need for well planned security.


Sirius Security (UK) Ltd. is a company with extensive experience offering services of only the highest standards.


We promote the use of our continuation-training programme with regular inspections by our instructors to ensure that client, dogs and handlers maintain our high standards.

Specialist Canine Training

Specialist Canine Training

We train dogs for a variety of tasks, including drug detection, explosive detection, protection and more.
Canine Training Consultancy

Canine Training Consultancy

So that we can evaluate your situation and understand your project, we offer consultation services.
Specialist Canine Continuation Training

Specialist Canine Continuation Training

We offer continuation services to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

See our services page for more information on the services we provide:

Your Operational Security


With the increase in heightened security measures, government agencies and major corporations considered at risk are seeking to enhance their existing protection or implement a new system. Without doubt the most versatile and cost effective tool for ensuring your operational security is still the specialist Dog Team. Please contact us at the aforementioned telephone numbers/email address in order that I can provide a more detailed proposal for your review. Separate proposals are available for Drug Detection, Security Patrol Dogs, Explosive Searches, Training and Canine Unit formulation.

Our Process


Sirius Security can supply trained or Green Dogs (untrained) dogs. Once your needs have been identified, Sirius Security will determine your requirements and supply or train the dogs accordingly. Sirius Security operates internationally and are validated to travel internationally with particular Specialist Dogs, to all countries covered by the Pets Passport Scheme.