Getting the best from both your dog and handler requires extensive training of a very high quality. Quality training requires experience and dedication in the field. Sirius Security (UK) Ltd. only uses qualified instructors with the highest level of experience and aptitude.

Former Grampian Police Sergeant and dog handler, Brian Welch, heads Sirius Security (UK) Ltd. Sergeant Welch has an extensive military and police background. His military service included overseas duties in Europe and East Africa. For over 30 years Brian has been involved in the training of dogs and he has worked with drugs and explosives detection dogs for over 30 years.

He was the Scottish National Police Dog Champion, runner up on three occasions, and competed in the National Police Dog Championships. He also won numerous prizes with several dogs in the Civilian Working Trials. Sergeant Welch served 23 years with the Grampian Police Force where he was an Authorised Firearms Officer and dog handler.

As Force Dog Officer, Sergeant Welch was responsible for the selection of potential dog handlers and for training both novice and experienced police dog handlers. This training was carried out to exacting Home Office standards for General Purpose Police Dogs and Specialist Drug and Explosive Detector dog teams. Sergeant Welch also performed pre-emptive searches of offshore oil and gas installations in the North Sea that made use of police canine units.

Sergeant Welch is the holder of the prestigious UK Home Office Instructors Accreditation (Northern Ireland) in Canine Explosive Detection. His duties included protecting members of the Royal Family and Members of Parliament when they were residing in Sergeant Welch's area of responsibility.

His duties also included planning, coordinating, and supervising the operational deployment of Police Dog teams throughout the Grampian Region, and coordinating with security representatives within the oil and gas industry to develop contingency plans.

Sergeant Welch also conducted surveys of various Royal Residences and made recommendations to provide the necessary protection.

Sergeant Brian Welch is a member of:

The British Police and Services Canine Association

Dog Training Industry Association

Uk Leads( Law Enforcement Agencies Dog Systems)

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